Work You Love

“Work You Love” is a 4 week online course that will guide you within yourself, to create your perfect next step to doing work you love. 

The deepest truth about why we find it so hard to know what our true purpose is, is not because we haven’t thought of it yet, but because we block our own knowing of what it is.


This course explains why and how we block this knowing, and how to break through these blocks, as well as guiding you deep within yourself to sense your deepest desires for your life.

In this course you will...

  • learn why finding work you love and that fulfills you is actually an essential human need

  • learn that doing what you love is the path to the fulfillment of your greatest potential or need your “purpose”

  • learn how to find the path 

  • learn what’s been keeping your path hidden 

  • learn how to clear away what’s been keeping your path hidden

  • access your own inner knowing of what your soul purpose work is

  • use your new insights to create a vision for your career for the next 3 to 6 months based on your soul purpose work

  • get clear on the right next step to take to make your vision a reality

How It Works

Each week for 4 weeks, you will get the module(s) for the course to be completed that week.  This will include short videos as well as a workbook to help:

  • consolidate your learning and
  •  get clear on your insights and
  • decide on the action you are now going to take, based on those insights.

“I am now part of a 3 person Talent & Development team looking after 400 people. I am mentoring and coaching people within the organisation. I'm an EMCC accredited mentor and I've also just completed my Gallup CliftonStrengths coaching training and on my way to being accredited. Exciting things happening in these uncertain times. 

It was your coaching sessions that had the biggest impact on my personal and professional goals and I will be forever grateful”

Nisey Symons, IT Talent and Development Specialist, Baillie Gifford

Next Steps 

Simply submit your name, email address and mobile number below and I will endeavour to text and/or email you in the next 24 hours.