Vision and Challenges Call

Let’s get on Zoom together and have a 60 minute chat to help you to...

- get clear on your vision for a working life you love
- the challenges that you are currently facing in creating a working life you love


"Before I started working with Liz, I was filled with self-doubt. I felt I was missing out on opportunities because of my lack of confidence. I was struggling in my day-to-day life because I was overwhelmed and anxious. And yet, there was something inside me which was strong and powerful and determined. I thought I needed to explore that further.

Now, I feel like a different person. I’m more confident, focused and calm.

Since I was a child, I have wanted to be a writer, but life events and low self-esteem had held me back. I was terrified of rejection. I had started nearly a hundred writing projects, but rarely completed anything. With Liz’s help, I was able to stick to one idea, which was to write a play, and see it through to completion. She helped me get over a huge hurdle and share it with a friend who is an actor, and I received very positive feedback. It has given me the courage to keep writing and continue sharing my ideas.

As well as helping with my bigger goals, Liz increased my confidence in day-to-day relationships. Changing this false belief has made an enormous difference to how I relate to others and how I feel about myself. I’m able to be more open and genuine with people, which lets me develop closer friendships."

Lauren Beasley

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