From Struggle to Flow

Find and Breakthrough Your False Beliefs to Create Career Confidence, Happiness and Success.

This, 10 week, one to one intensive "From Struggle to Flow” coaching programme (delivered via Zoom) is for you if you want to break free from self doubt and overthinking to inner calm, true confidence and boundless energy so that you can achieve what you are truly capable of, in your work and life.


This programme is for you if you:

-  are a capable and determined, professional woman 

- want to break free of self doubt 

 want to experience yourself as you really are - strong, free and powerful

- so you can create the career success that you would truly love 

Why is it needed?

Our social conditioning and our nature as highly emotionally intelligent beings, means that we are susceptible to lack of confidence and self belief.  

When you are a capable and determined woman, you know the potential you have to do great things, but at the same time, a lack of confidence pulls you in the opposite direction. 

The key to overcoming lack of confidence is to find the hidden false beliefs (like “I’m not good enough” “I can’t do this”), and breakthrough them, so you start to experience yourself as the strong, free and powerful creator you really are.

From that place, the barriers to creating work and a life that you love, fall away as you take action towards making the your vision and dreams (that I get you to draw out of yourself), a reality.

This is the work that we will do together in this programme.

What's Included:

- 10 x 1 hour Zoom session (1 per week)

- Agreed actions to take each week

- Support between sessions via digital messaging

- My individual attention on your transformation from struggle to flow for 10 weeks

Why work with me?

I have a proven track record of creating profound transformation in the lives of my clients (have a look at my testimonials) that I have created for myself.

"My coaching techniques come from years worth of my own research, training and real life practice into what actually works to shift from self doubt and struggle into confidence and thriving."


I have a Diploma in Transformational Coaching accredited by the International Coaching Federation.  I studied intensively for a year with world renowned Claire Zammit of Feminine Power in the principles and practice of the empowerment of women through coaching and facilitation. I practised as a solicitor for 20 years, initially in business law and then in private client work.

Next Steps 

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