Empowering Women Through  Outdoor Adventure

Master your mind to create confidence on your bike AND in life!

The courses, events and programmes you will find here, are all about how to acquire the mindset skills to overcome fear and get in flow on your bike. They then help you to transfer these skills to the other areas in which you most want to find flow - including your career or your calling


Off road biking is an amazing sport. Like many other sports:

  • It gets you fit
  • It energises you
  • It gets you out in nature
  • It helps you to meet lots of great people with whom you share an interest
  • It clears your head, boosts your mood, energises you

But off road biking requires something special of you which many other sports don’t:


Off-road biking, requires you to become masterful at one critical thing: OVERCOMING FEAR.

Now, this is such an awesome thing. Not because fear is fun. No. Fear is not fun. BUT the payoffs are huge: On the other side of nailing that tricky trail feature or flying down that hill faster than you ever have before, is TOTAL ELATION. It’s that YEEESSSSS!!! Feeling….. There’s nothing quite like it.

So what has this to do with empowering women? Well, there is now lots of research that proves one of the major factors that women are still not taking an equal role in society (business, politics, leadership etc) is because women get stopped from lack of confidence, regardless of their level of competence.

When you learn to overcome fear on your bike, you instantly know how that feels. You instantly learn what it takes to shift from fear and doubt to confidence and self belief.

It also shatters your hidden limiting beliefs about who you are and what you are capable of.

Women report to me over and over again that when they get on their bikes and pull off something that previously felt scary, they instantly feel strong, powerful and “like they could do anything”, contrary to what they have been told by society about who women are and should be.

Online Courses - Lessons in Flow

Mastering your life force energy in off road biking not only allows you to overcome fear and find flow on the bike.  If you want it to, it can unlock the secrets to living your whole life in flow. These courses will teach you how to do both.


From Fear to Flow

You will learn how to connect to your strengths and qualities to “lift” your mindset out of fear and doubt to immediately increase your riding capability and feel more “in flow”.

Mastering Your Awareness

Flow happens when you get out of your thinking mind and into connection with the present moment.  Here, you learn how to do this on your bike and how to transfer this into everyday life.

Mastering Your Self Talk

The thoughts you choose whilst riding your bike have a massive impact your performance and enjoyment. They can bring you into flow, or they will kill your flow. Learn to make them your strength not your downfall.

Motivation v. Pressure

Motivation is essential to being in flow. It's what drives you to get to the next level. But it can easily be confused with pressure. Pressure will kill your flow dead. Learn how to stay with “motivation” without crossing into “pressure” in this course.

The “Root” of Your Power and Strength

Shift instantly from feeling stiff and tense in the face of scary trail features to get more relaxed and confident. How? by learning to tap into the source of your life energy in your body. Intrigued? You should be. This experience can feel kind of magical.

Engaging the Superconscious Part 1: The Power of Intention

When you are in flow, you are engaging the massively superior processing power of the superconscious mind. KEY to this is setting clear intentions as to what you really want, then letting go of trying to make it happen. Get conscious of how you do this on your mountain bike, so you can use this superpower in your life too.

Engaging the Superconscious Part 2: Riding in Your “Magician”

This is the second lesson on how to engage your Superconscious mind, which is essential to being in flow. This time it's about learning to let go of the control by the thinking mind to make space for your Superconscious to take over.

Group Dynamics for Success and Fun

Depending on the group dynamics, riding with others can intimidate you and put you off OR it be the foundation for fun, friendship and high performance with everyone motivating each other to reach their higher potential. Learn how to make sure group rides inspire you to achieve your best.

Resilience: Mindset for Mud, Sand and Snow

Riding in slippery and loose conditions, like mud, sand and snow is a paradox: staying strong and firm but still just “letting it happen” at the same. “Get” this approach on your bike, not only so you can ride confidently in slippery conditions, but also to “get” the deeper truth about how to create balance in your life.

Turning Disappointments into Triumphs

Use mishaps and mistakes that happen on a ride to practice the art of letting go of expectations and allowing life to unfold to create happiness, success and fulfilment even in the face of things not going to plan.

Events and “In Person” Courses



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