Your Body Holds Powerful Knowing - Trust It

Sep 23, 2021
When it comes to making the right choices in your life from your next career move to what to have for dinner, you body has wisdom FAR beyond the conscious mind.
But the "voice" of your body is quiet and subtle in comparison with the constant inner commentary from the conscious mind. The more you practice feeling and sensing into your body, the more you can tap into the incredible power of the superconscious.
I will give you an example of the power this has given me:
I used to fall prey to manipulative people. I would trustingly accept their web of "stories" which those sorts of people tell to get what they want from you even when you don't really want to give it. But you feel bad, so you do it.
Now I'm tuned into my body, I can feel the tightening in my solar plexus that I personally get when that happens. When I just allow myself to fully feel that feeling, I then recognise the feeling of powerlessness. Powerlessness is always an illusion. When I acknowledge that, all of a sudden, I can see the subtle story that is being woven . I can see the trap. Then I can choose not to fall into it. But not from anger and reactivity.
Instead, from full consciousness and power.
And then I am in the driver's seat

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