Want More Flow on Your Bike and in Life? Get out of Your Head into your Body...

Sep 23, 2021

If you love adrenaline adventure sport, whether it's windsurfing, mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding or similar, you will know that amazing feeling that no words can describe, when your body is working in perfect synchronicity with the elements, with the laws of nature.......

  • in windsurfing, it might be when your board gets on the plane or when you pull off that perfect carve gybe,


  • in mountain biking, it might be when you sail off a jump and land it perfectly


  • in skiing it might be when you make a set of perfect turns feeling in complete control and confidence at great speed or in perfect powder.


This is being in FLOW. There is nothing like it.....it's joy, bliss, completeness all rolled into one...although I said...there are no words that do the feeling justice..


The thing is....this state of flow is available in EVERY aspect of your life, but we seldom experience it because we have not mastered the laws of nature that allow us to be in the flow state when it comes to our lives.


Any one who knows the flow state in sport knows that it ONLY comes with hours of practice and mastery.


It comes when your body becomes so practised in the art that the movements by pass the conscious mind (which does not have the capacity to create this flow state because of all the millions of tiny and subtle judgements and muscle movements involved).

This can only come from "feel". That is, through your body.

The same is true for creating flow in any aspect of our lives. You need to know and then master the natural laws that govern how to create and make things happen.

You need to understand that so much of what we are creating we are creating from our subconscious...so you need to master your subconscious....through how it feels in your body.

You need to get in touch with your own sense of joy and desire...through how it feels in your body.


You need to learn how to let go of controlling everything from your conscious reasoning mind...through how it feels in your body.

The magic of flow cannot happen while you are trying to reason things into existence...just like if you start to overthink your actions in a "flow" sport, you will kill your flow.

You need to build the capacity to trust and commit.....through how it feels in your body (guess what happens if you go for a big jump and you don't trust and commit...well failing to trust and commit has the same impact on things you are trying to create in your work life or in your relationships).


If you have been "over controlling" everything in your work life and as a result are feeling bored or unfulfilled, your starting point is to bring your work into alignment with what you love doing and not what "makes sense" and pays the bills.


Guess what this is all about...getting out of your head and into feeling how it feels in your body!


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