How to Know Yourself as Wild & Free

Sep 17, 2021
To be truly Wild & Free means much more than to immerse yourself in nature. Although that is a first step.
You must extract yourself from the MATRIX
The Matrix is invisible web of underwritten rules of society, expectations, what you must do to be approved of, to be seen as a "good person", to perceived as successful, rational, sensible, reasonable.
The Matrix is kept in place by the survival consciousness. This is the mode is a setting our human body has that was only ever designed to help our physical automatic set of responses that get you out of the way of the car hurtling towards you or run out of the burning building.
Running on that system was never intended to allow you to thrive, to be come who you are coded in your DNA to become (which codes contain the magnificence of nature and they are in you and in us all but suppressed by the survival consciousness)
Yet our survival consciousness tells us if we do not meet the expectations, if we are not approved of, if we are not seen as "good", "responsible" "rational" "successful" individuals, then we are in danger:
The survival consciousness has the voice of the scared child inside us.
"No one will like me"
"I won't fit in"
"People will reject me"
"I will be a failure, end up with no money and ultimately living out of a cardboard box" 
"People will hate me because I have done something bad"
"Everyone else is better than me"
"I'm not good enough.
Everyone has these voices. Its programmed into us by the Matrix
which is fine.
Until its not.
Until one day you wake up and feel that your life is nothing more than running round and endless, pointless hamster wheel.
Until that day you hear you soul calling to you saying, LIFE WAS MEANT TO BE MORE THAN THIS
Until the day you look around you and all you see is the INSANITY of world where people are chasing their tails trying to get more certainty and security whether by seeking more financial security or by trying to control everything and everyone to be how they need it to be in order to feel "safe". And you see that in doing that, humanity is driving itself towards a certain extinction.
And until you stand up and say "yes I am ready to do the work to set myself free", you think that you are in control of your life and that you have free choice, but you have not. Instead almost EVERYTHING you do, think, say, what you choice to wear, the tone of voice you use, your career choices, your choice of friends and partners, what you choose to eat, where you choose to go on holiday, will be GOVERNED BY THE MATRIX.
You may have already started the work.
The work is about expanding your awareness.
It's about shifting into a new consciousness.
From survival consciousness to God consciousness.
It's a shift from constant doing into being.
It's a shift from operating in the energetic signature of the wounded masculine triggering fear and resistance of the wounded feminine, to the integration of the divine masculine and the divine feminine.
It's a knowing that you worldly identity is, in fact, nothing more than illusion and that in fact you feel yourself to be the awareness beyond that identity, which is makes you one with everything.
It takes dedication, trust, courage and total willingness to take radical self responsibility for EVERYTHING that is happening in your life.
This is not a journey for the feint hearted.
But the choice to stay in the matrix is the choice of the frog that does not choose to jump of the pan of water that is slowly coming to the boil.
The choice to do the work however, is the choice to your greatest evolution and deepest most joyful experience of life.
You become the intentional creator or your own life.
You get to choose a life which is satisfies you deeply.
Where you get to feel joy inside of you whatever might be going on on the outside.
You become the master of your emotions rather than a slave to them.
You get to "sing your own song" and bring your own unique codes to be manifest in your life rather than dancing to the tune of the Matrix.

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