About Me and the School of Flow

Seeking the experience of life in flow.

I was born to seek the experience of being in flow and to help others experience that too.

Whether it was sailing, windsurfing, mountain biking, open water swimming or trail running, I’ve always been addicted to seeking that euphoric feeling of flow when you bring your mind, your body and the elements into perfect synchronisation to make that perfect carving turn, ride swift and smooth down that trail or flow through the water..

For me, that’s what life in flow is about.

But not all of my life felt in flow...

But while I had this incredible experience of flow over and over again doing the sports I loved in the great outdoors, my career experience could not have been more different.

 I did all the “sensible” things that teachers, parents and others advised was the best path to a fulfilled and financially secure life. I worked hard at school and university and became a commercial lawyer. 

Work was worry and struggle: I worked long hours and often pushed myself to the point of exhaustion and ill health. I also suffered with a lot of self doubt and worry about getting all the work done and making my financial targets.  

I had my coping strategies: I could deal with the struggle, as long as I got my fix of adventure on the sea or in the mountains at the weekends and on holiday. 

Until they didn’t work anymore: That was until I had my first child…..  Once I became a mother, my former coping strategies of working all the hours during the week and seeking relief in my sport were no longer available in the same way. The culture in the office was competitive and backstabbing with colleagues competing for work and clients.  They were downright obstructive when it came to me working part time.  I started to struggle to meet my targets and I felt like a total failure.

Until I cracked: One evening, cycling home from work, I burst into hot tears of despair. I had to stop in a quiet place and get off my bike as I couldn’t see through the tears.  In that moment, I got a sudden flash of new perspective...I felt as if I was standing outside myself looking at me crying tears of despair and self pity, which allowed me to ask myself  “what is so damn painful that I am crying as if a loved one has died?”. But that was enough...

I felt like a worthless failure:  That was my first awareness  with the destructive nature of my subconscious beliefs.  I found that when I really dug into my feelings, they were telling me I was a failure.

They were telling me if I could not succeed and make money in my job despite all the support, education and love I had had in my life from others….then, I was simply a worthless failure.  I realised that deep down I felt that my worth depended on my ability to succeed and achieve. For the first time in my life, I really was all out of achievements to pin my worth on. 

It might sound melodramatic, but at that moment, it felt like I would rather not exist. 

"I loved each session of the coaching programme with Liz. Although it was challenging and it got pretty uncomfortable at some stages as I started to look at my belief patterns and why I was doing what I was doing, Liz made me feel safe and had the patience to journey with me even when I went off track. She guided me back to my centre point vision. Liz is a great listener and knows how to guide and direct you to get the results you are looking for." 

Alyxs Shaw